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In today’s environment, companies are investing more into information technology than fixed assets to maintain world-class quality in a highly competitive global market. Marcon Agencies is a company focused on providing leading technology products, E-Business and business software solutions for industrial control and automation. From the simplest electrical components to the complex process control systems with integration to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), since it was established in 1991, Marcon has earned a reputation as a market leader in providing technology, quality products, solutions, services and developing lasting customer relationships in all industries throughout the region. Marcon Agencies is a locally owned North Queensland company based in Townsville.




Our People


Sophisticated technology is of little value without expert sales and application advice. Our Sales and Support Engineers have a broad range of industry experience and application knowledge. They are trained to work with our customers, to understand the processes that are fundamental to your plant operations, to be consultative and to assist in the correct selection of hardware or software best suited for the application.




Our Product Range


Whether your requirements are Safety, Control, Communications, Tracking, Identification, Labelling, Viewing or simply an enclosure to put them in, Marcon offers a huge range of proven quality products from leading global manufacturers. Our commitment to supply is backed by a well-appointed warehouse to ensure effective and timely delivery.




Customer Service


Our management and staff are committed to providing the highest standard of service to our valued customers. Services include Applied Knowledge, Training and Performance Services, Asset Management and Technical support.




Quality Assurance


Marcon Agencies is totally committed to providing quality products and service to our customers and has QA systems in place to AS3902-1987.



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